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While I’m waiting for the parts  to come in for the Jet-Ski I’d life to provide a little insight to fellow readers about the safety of them. I have a lot of friends wanting to buy motorcycles and naturally they all want a 200HP crotch rocket that looks real cool, even though they have never ridden a motorcycle. As humorous as it is to watch them attempt to drive away from a dealership and plow into a bush, I never want to see anyone get hurt! So How do you know which bike to buy? Who can teach you the basics of safety? Well first I’d like to talk about safety and motorcycle classes. Louisiana has an excellent program that offers a basic motorcycle riding class every month to teach new enthusiasts the basics and proper operating techniques. Now this won’t teach you how to lean a “Busa” into a corner at 90mph, but it will help keep you planted on the street. You can sign up for $100 (this includes motorcycle rental) and once you have completed and passed the course you even get a insurance discount! They also offer an advanced course for the more experienced riders that what to improve their skills. Both can be found at: So, you’ve signed up for the class and you rode your neighbors dirt bike a couple times when you were a kid right?!? well lets pick that bike out!! (assuming you already purchased a helmet, gloves, jacket, and boots already.) I recommend a used 500cc motorcycle as your first bike, it will not be too powerful for you but, you will also not get bored with the power soon as you would with a 250cc bike. A used bike in the $1500-$2000 range is the best way to go in my opinion because it will not depreciate much at all if you want to re sell it and upgrade, and you probably wont cry when you drop the thing like you would on a Ducati 996!! Cruiser? Sport bike? Dual-Sport?? Which ever you choose, depends on your preference, but I can make some recommendations for each category: 1) sport bikes: Suzuki GS500F, Kawasaki Ninja 500R, and a Honda 599. 2) Cruiser: Honda Shadow VLX600, Suzuki Savage 650, Yamaha Virago 535, or a Kawasaki Vulcan VN500. 3) Dual Sport: Honda XR650L, Yamaha WR250L, Suzuki DRZ400M, Kawasaki KLR650. Theses are all great bikes that can be found for under $2000 in good running condition. My favorite place to find these deals is and of course    I hope this will provide a little guidance to any new motorcycle enthusiasts ..


The engine is out of the Jet-Ski, the damage has been accessed now it’s time to order the parts. When rebuilding an engine you want to replace all the seals and gaskets and bearings (if needed) while it’s out to ensure longevity of it. I am going to order a complete top-end kit, carburetor rebuild kits (to ensure I don’t lean out and burn another piston), new spark plugs, and new crank shaft seals. There are many places to buy these parts, I found that one of the best companies to choose is: I have ordered the parts, at a cost of $423, once I have received the pistons I am going to bring them with the cylinders to be bored and honed to my new engine can be assembled soon after! I have found that in Lafayette, La. Performance Cycles does excellent machine work and has excellent service, they normally do my cylinders for me and they will be handling the Jet-Ski cylinders too. I have all of my parts laid out on a work table and all of my bolts and nuts bagged and labeled to make the reassembly process much easier.