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Lets get this engine out Pt 3

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Now we have finally gotten the engine out of the Jet-Ski so it’s time to take it apart and access the damage! The first thing to do is to disassemble the top end of the engine and the first part to remove is the cylinder head. Luckily this ski is a 2 stroke and many of them are so, this will be a very easy task. The cylinder head is held on with 18 x 12mm nuts on top, you always want to systematically break them lose first in a criss cross pattern, once they are all lose, remove them and put them in a labeled bag. The cylinder head is off, and my middle cylinder looks badly scarred, so this will most likely need to be bored out.

Now The cylinders need to be removed to more accurately access all the damage to the top end. There are 8 x 14mm nuts on the base of the engine that need to be removed in the same way that the cylinder head bolts were. Now that they’re off and labeled in a bag, the best way to loosen the cylinders is to tap them at the base with a rubber mallet in several places. Do this only as needed until you can slide the cylinders off and the pistons are exposed. carefully place the cylinders on a shelf so they do not fall, treat the parts with care even if they have to be machined!!

Now that the cylinders are off you can really see the problem: The middle piston seized in it’s cylinder, partially melting it and ruining the cylinder. Unfortunately I am going to have to order a complete top end and have the cylinders over bored. You may be lucky and if you can feel the cylinders and there is not scarring, no scratched, and no damage, then it is possible to get away with a new hone and rings. You cylinders and pistons must be measured by a machinist to properly determine this though. I will be ordering my parts from They have competitive prices, great service, and everything that you could need!!


Now that I’ve gotten the exhaust manifold and the carburetors off of the engine, it’s time to pull off the rest of the little things so I can pull it out and break it down! First I removed the starter motor cables. You can find the starter motor on the right side of the engine and simply unbolt the 10mm bolts holding on the red and black cables. Next, it’s time to remove the electric case connector. This is the wires that come from the front [alternator] of the engine. Trace the black wires that come out of the front to the black box in the back of the engine compartment. Once it’s found unplug the wires from the box and safely secure the wires to the engine. Believe it or not, it’s time to pull that engine out now! There are four bolts holding it in, one it each corner, once found just remove them all and put them in a bag and label them. The engine doesn’t need a life to pull out, I picked it up myself. This was tricky and if you don’t have a good back, Don’t do it!!! once the engine is out, put it on a table and get ready for the break down to access the damage.

Let’s get this engine out!!

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It’s time we get started on our first project today! The 1997 Kawasaki STX1100 Jest-Ski needs an engine overhaul before the summer starts and, it’s time to get my hands dirty and the engine out. First off I secured the trailor with concrete blocks and a jack so it wouldn’t move while I was working on it. The seat can be removed by simply pulling the lever under the back of it which exposes the whole engine under it. Now that I have access to the engine I have to remove everything attached to it. First the air-box needs to be removed by pulling the bolts out of the top. next remove all the the small black lines connected to the carburetors and the 3 fuel lines attached. Remove the throttle cables and the six bolts on the base of the carbs to remove them. Now the fuel system is out of the way! That was quick, only took 20min! Next the exhaust system has to be removed by first removing the 4 bolts on the top of the exhaust silencer. It will simply come off after but you have to remove the hose attached and label it with masking tape and a sharpie to make re installation much easier! The bottom half of the exhaust has 8 bolts, remove them and put them in a bag and label it as well.

Exhaust and carbs removed


Hello world!

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My name is Alex and I am creating this Blog for all you Do It Your-selfers out there! I restore, rebuild, and ride just about anything I can get my hands and I am here to share my knowledge with step by step instructions with pictures of all the projects that I tackle. I am 24 years old, and I grew up in St. Francisville, La. There wasn’t much to do in this little town and I passed most of my free time riding dirt bikes and motorcycles. I started restoring older Japanese and British bike with the guidance of my step father and he planted a seed in me that has violently grown! I currently ride a 2001 Ducati Monster 750 and a 1982 Honda XL500R, which I recently restored. I drive and wrench on a ’99 Trans/Am LS1 M6 (my new muscle car) and my current greasy project is a ’97 Kawasaki 1100STX Jet Ski which I am going to kick things off with by doing a step-by-step FULL engine over haul. Well thats enough about me folks! Please be patient with me, I’m new to blogging but I will have much to add to this blog soon!